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The free office suite from Oracle is the equivalent to Microsoft Office but without the related cost, it can read all the latest version of Microsoft Office without the need to install extra software.
Click here for the OpenOffice Website..

Alternatively Libreoffice can be used which seems to be better supported that Openoffice, click on the link below.


In order to send confidential emails it is always handy to encrypt them first. This requires you and the recipient to have a key which will enable only yourselves to view the content of the communication. A good explanation of a free version using Thunderbird can be found at:
Thunderbird encryption explained
Step by step instructions to set up Thunderbird encryption


A combination of the following free programs, an awareness of emails or weblinks which may infect your machine, and running weekly or monthly scans with the following software should ensure a trouble-free experience on the net. Some software may need to be purchased if it is for business purposes, Windows 7 may not be compatible with some programs:
Avast Free Anti Virus Software
Spybot Search and Destroy Free Software
Ad-Aware Free Software


If you need to access a remote computer tightvnc is an option, to see a demonstration of the software have a look at the following link:

How to uses TightVNC

Here is the link to the software:

Tight VNC

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